gfn in association with MUFF presents 2 movie events


100mins AUS

Approaching his mid-thirties and reluctantly engaged, bored office worker Joe, meets the outlandish job and partner swapping Vee, whose life manifesto inspires Joe to turn his orderly life into chaos.

screening @ MUFF 14
Fri 13th Sept – 7pm
@ Revolt
12 Elizabeth Street Kensington VIC

Office: (03) 9376 2115


JUGULAR (83mins)

Written/Directed by Jj De Ceglie

Starring Gregory Pakis

Jack is straight off the plane. He has few friends and no money.
In desperation, he accepts an apartment formerly housed by the main suspect in a serial murder case – John Ellroy.
Plagued by insomnia, Jack broods in the apartment and wanders the inner-city streets of Melbourne.
His loneliness leads him into a friendship with a teenage addict Janie, and into a bizarre obsession with Ellroy.
Jack struggles to retain his sanity as his world spirals into madness and

screening @ MUFF 14 Opening Night
Fri 6th Sept – 9pm
@ Revolt

12 Elizabeth Street Kensington VIC

Office: (03) 9376 2115

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