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Sick of watching run of the mill, formulaic McMovies?
Sick of dreary old dull conversation topics?
Scared to say what you think?
Bored by average nights out surrounded by alcohol and drugs, celebrating tired old milestone events?

Let’s have some inspired conversation and watch some inspiring movies!



The theme for GFN 2 is films shot in black and white in honour of the 2012 Oscar conquering “The Artist”…..nah just joking – haven’t even seen it yet.. I just like black and white movies…

5: 47pm Grab a drink from the bar..

6:00pm FILM-MAKER’S NETWORKING HOUR – Are you a film maker? Wanna meet other film makers? See you at 6.

7.00pm Random exercise no. 1 : Come up and read your favourite excerpts from your favourite novels and tell us why you like them so much…

7:30pm – Short film

“Caffeine” (8mins) (info below)

7:45pm Q & A with “Caffeine” Director, Paul Dowie

08:00pm Convo topic 1 : Tell us who your heroes are and why??

08:15pm Feature

“Burke and Wills” (72min) (info below)

09:30pm Sshhhh…..SECRET homework assignment …assigned.


Normally, we don’t like rules, but if you’re heard asking anyone what they do for a living,..

.. it’s another donation to our guerilla cause!!



Director – Paul Dowie – 1995, Australia, 8 mins

‘Caffeine’ was shot in reversal black and white film in the summer of 1995 by my film colleague (does that sound a bit wanky?) and my co-producer of The Garth Method, Paul Dowie.

Unfortunately I had nothing to do with ‘Caffeine’ as I was 22 and hitch-hiking and losing my mind on the other side of the country, otherwise I probably would have made the film worse.

It was shot by Anders Olson who was Director of Photography for “The Garth Method” and my soon to be finished feature “The Joe Manifesto”. The story concerns the sleep deprivation experiment of a suburban youth and is told through subjective spontaneous prose rambling pictures and narration.

Hopefully the fact that I have known Paul Dowie for over 20 years hasn’t swayed my thinking that ‘Caffeine’ is one the best shorts I have ever seen. It’s rough, its gritty, its original, it’s screening at GFN 2.

Burke and Wills (2006)

Director – Oliver Torr, Matt Zeremes – 2006, Australia, 72mins.

Ever wanted to meet Robert De Niro?

Well in 2006 actor/writer/directors Oliver Torr & Matt Zeremes did, when their first feature “Burke and Wills” was accepted into De Niro’s Tribeca Film Festival. NOTE *** this is not the film of the two adventurers in the 1800′s but of two housemates in 2000 and something..

Oliver Torr & Matt Zeremes were aspiring actors who decided to pen/direct/act in their first feature instead of wait around for someone else to give them a part.

What resulted is a bold, striking, haunting, black & white film about two young housemates in the suburbs, shot in a style resembling early Jarmusch. I can’t describe what this film is about really. Alienation? I’m not very good at analyzing film intellectually but this film for me is about mood and it kept me involved and fascinated the whole way.

BTW, the film had no script – was entirely improvised – gutsy when your shooting on 16mm film with a small budget.

Come to GFN 2 and you’ll hear about the two director’s interesting method for settling creative disputes beween them.

“One of the best Australian films I’ve seen in years…” Megan Spencer *

“A cutting, highly entertaining and ultimately shocking debut from two young filmmakers with talent to burn. An early certainty to be one of the best Australian films this year …” Erin Free, FILMINK Magazine *

“Zeremes and Torr’s assured, complex film demands to be seen.”

New York Magazine

These monthly nights are always free, although we do ask for a donation which goes to a cool new organisation with its own guerilla style of making a difference.

See you there!