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“…cos life is amazing and so can films and conversation be..”

Sick of watching run of the mill, formulaic McMovies?

Sick of dreary old dull conversation topics?

Scared to say what you think?

Bored by average nights out surrounded by alcohol, drugs? …celebrating tired old milestone events?

Lets have some inspired conversation & watch some inspiring movies!!

DATE : Sunday June 3rd – evening

LOCATION : The Birmingham Hotel, 333 Smith Street, (cnr Johnston Street) Fitzroy

6:00pm Film maker’s Networking Hour

7:00pm Convo topic: Quick talk about practises & benefits of meditation.

7:15pm Andrew Merlino Super 8 shorts
New Girl Now (3 mins, 2012)
Privacy Park (3 mins, 2012)

7:25pm Q & A with Andrew Merlino

7:37pm Bill Mousoulis Super 8 shorts
Ascension: The Story of Bill (14mins, 1983)
Melbourne ‘89 (13mins, 1989)

(for info & links – scroll down)

8:04pm – Come and read a short poem YOU wrote (2 min max)

8:20pm – Feature doco

Garth Lives in a Van

Directed by Gregory Pakis (62mins, 2011)

(for info & links – scroll down)

9:24pm Sshhhh….. SECRET homework assignment …assigned.

guerilla RULE of the nite!!

Normally we don’t like rules, but during GFN 3 you have to state a prepared LIE..

guerillafilmnites are BY DONATION which goes to a cool new organisation with its own guerilla style of making a difference.


For those not in the know, “The Red” is an almost revered film camera that can deliver ad-like hi-res images that somehow gets film makers crazy with excitement. Like name actors and directors, “The Red” has almost become a star in it’s own right.

Before “The RED”, DSLR’s and Mini DV, if film makers wanted to make a short film that didn’t cost the world and looked half decent they used Super 8mm. The only cheaper options were VHS or Hi 8 which looked way too..crap.. basically. Super 8 film is/was expensive to buy and develop. Discipline and craft were needed in a way that isn’t as much required today’s shooting to high quality video. Shots had to be carefully chosen and maybe timed or before long you’d find yourself running out of film and maybe money.

Who shoots on Super 8 anymore? Do you even need to?

Well film maker Andrew Merlino thinks so. When I ran into him at a recent film night and the subject arose about film cameras, he commented, “What’s so great about “The Red”? It was a relief to hear someone say that as I have always felt that better films would be made if film makers were less excited about film technology and more excited about the story they are telling.

GFN 3 will present two of Merlino’s recent Super 8 efforts that look like they could have been shot somewhere in Europe in the 60’s.


Something also novel to todays film making is that both of Merlino’s shorts were edited in-camera.

Info about Andrew Merlino..


And now to The Godfather of Melbourne Super 8 film making and maybe even Melbourne independent film making; the founder of the Melbourne Super 8 Club of the 80’s and 90’s; the founder of the online film journal Senses of Cinema and creator of the web directory of Melbourne Independent Film Makers ….Bill Mousoulis.

Bill Mousoulis has made 8 feature films, around a hundred shorts most of which were made on Super 8.

With the two Mousoulis shorts I am screening, come and see what Melbourne looked like back in the 80’s and if you are aged upwards of about 40, don’t be surprised if you feel a sense of melancholy nostalgia creep in.


Info about Bill Mousoulis


Winner of the 2011 MUFF Guerilla Film Award

Garth Lives In a Van is a comedy documentary about finding an alternative to falling victim to the rising cost of living.

It is an attempt to find out if one can live this way, without what most believe as the necessities of a place they call home.

“There is no white picket fence here, just a white van,” says the film’s director Gregory Pakis.

Does Garth discover a way out? Could you do it?

What do his friends, family and film colleagues think of Garth’s decision? What are the logistics? How is he going to manage after 34 years of having access to all basic needs? Is he crazy?

Casting these questions and judgments aside, Garth decides to find out for himself if it is possible to live in a van.

Not only is he confronted by the difficulties of showering, cooking and the general limitations that living in a van requires, Garth has some hazardous encounters with car thieves and car park junkies.

Garth also meets other van-dwellers and shares their stories of van ethics, survival and purpose.

Garth Lives In a Van is the third installment of the GARTH series that began with the multi-award winning feature, The Garth Method (2004) followed by Garth Goes Hitch-Hiking (2007).
Garth Lives in a Van TRAILER

THE AGE article about me living in the van (2007)

Garth Lives in a Van WEBPAGE

Garth Lives in a Van PRESS RELEASE