Sick of watching run of the mill, formulaic McMovies?
Sick of dreary old dull conversation topics?
Scared to say what you think?
Bored by average nights out surrounded by alcohol and drugs?

Let’s have some inspired conversation and watch some inspiring movies!



5:47pm Grab a drink from the bar and welcome on in.

6.00pm Convo topic 1: Tell us what you’re in the Top Ten of the world for…

6:30pm Kim Miles’ shorts

The World Really is W (6 mins)

The Top Speed of a Rabbit – 72 kph (10 mins)

6:50pm Q & A with Kim Miles

07:00pm Gregory’s little game

07:30pm Feature

“The Actress” (85 mins)

08:45pm Convo topic 2: Tell us if you have lived with anyone weird?

09:00pm Sshhhh…..SECRET homework assignment …assigned.


Normally, we don’t like rules, but tonight, if you’re heard asking anyone what they do for a living… it’s another donation to our guerilla cause!!


Francis Coppola once said the worst thing a film can be is “pretentious.”

Kim Miles’s shorts can make you feel creeped out and uncomfortable. Her films don’t TRY TO BE anything – they just ARE. You could be in a dream watching a Kim Miles film because they’re as much contrived. They’re unforgettable and the first shorts we wanted to program for GFN 1.

The World Really is W

Director – Kim Miles
Short – 2004, Australia, 6 mins

Top Speed of a Rabbit – 72 KPH

Director – Kim Miles
Short – 2004, Australia,10mins

“There is a lot to amuse and admire in Miles’ films, which combine genuine experimental edge with a wicked, satirical eye.”
Andrew Shaw, MCV Magazine

“GREAT FILMS – really enjoyed the way you film with no boundaries. Seriously liberating.”
Dee McLachlan, Writer/Director of ‘The Jammed’

“If we are not risking , experimenting, trying to rise above the mediocre, why bother?”
Kim Miles, Film maker

The Actress (2005)

Director – Zak Hilditch
Feature – 2005, Australia, 90mins

A twenty-something household is manipulated by the cunning sexuality of a new female housemate.

This film is better than every Australian film put together! Ok not really, but you get the idea. It was made for diddly squat, but who needs money when you have this much acting talent, an intriguing script, one location, and a director that is now making a fully funded feature.

The Actress actually looks better than bigger budgeted productions even though it was shot with mostly natural and available light. A kitchen in this film actually looks like a real kitchen, a lounge like a lounge. No glossy hi-end ad type images that detract from the story here!

In 2006, The Actress was selected for the biggest indie film fest in the USA – Slamdance, which receives 1000 features a year and only selects 11 or so.

“Entertaining no-budget black comedy ..”- Dennis Harvey, Variety

“Director Zak Hilditch is an amazing new talent…” – Movielist

Anyway..come see for yourself..

These monthly nights are always free, although we do ask for a donation which goes to a cool new organisation with its own guerilla style of making a difference.

See you there!

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